Shipping Policy

We try to maximize your shipping dollar while also making it easy to understand.

Your gift fruit will be carefully hand-packed and shipped in a box similar to the one shown above.

Shipping Addresses

Any U.S. valid address.
No PO Box (FedEx cannot deliver)

Shipping Rates

We make shipping easy.

  1. In order to maintain fruit quality during shipping, we ship all items 2-Day standard (except for cherries which are always sent priority overnight). This means your order will never be in transit longer than two days. Overnight shipping is available at an additional fee but will still follow the guidelines below in regards to when the product ship.
  2. The majority of all orders ship within 72 hours. In some instances your order may be delayed for up to one week due to adverse harvest conditions or fruit that doesn’t meet our stringent quality control. We make sure only the freshest and most premium fruit makes it to your doorstep!
  3. To ensure every gift is only in transit for two days or less, we only ship on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. We will ship on Thursdays when overnight shipping is selected (or during cherry season). Beyond helping keep your gifts fresh, this also helps streamline our shipping schedules, which is one way we keep shipping costs down.

Shipping Always Included!

2-day on apples & pears, peaches & nectarines Overnight shipping on cherries parcel-delivery-shipping-included-woman